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BSW Advising Frequently Asked Questions

The BSW advising process facilitates ongoing student engagement in the UGA Core and BSW program curricula. Students and advisors meet regularly to discuss programs of study and course sequencing, track course credits, outline semester courses, approve changes to courses, and facilitate student socialization into the profession of social work. BSW program faculty and advising staff encourage and expect all BSW majors to take initiative during the advising process and to be knowledgeable and up to date about UGA and BSW curricula requirements.

Please read the following questions and answers carefully and use them as a first entry point screening tool for your advisement process. These FAQs will be updated annually to reflect calendar and curriculum changes.

Questions About Advising

1. Who is my advisor?

Trelle McGinnis Turner and Ellen Pauloski are the BSW academic advisors. Contact the BSW Program Coordinator (School of Social Work, Room 127, 706-542-5420, to learn who your assigned academic advisor will be.


2. What are the purposes for advising in the social work program?

Advising serves several purposes:

  1. To ensure that students understand what they need to complete the UGA Core Curriculum.
  2. To supply consultation services for students regarding other academic questions during their BSW program of study.
  3. To assist students with personal, and/or professional concerns they may encounter while at UGA.
  4. To provide students with advice or direction in academic difficulties.

3. How do I prepare for advising?

The best way is to bring a list of written questions and concerns directly to your advisor. Also, check the courses offered for the next semester, so that your advisor can review with you the projected course schedule. Be familiar with your degree audit in Degree Works, course credits and courses needed.


4. How frequently should I meet with my advisor?

You must meet with your advisor at least once a semester in order to be cleared to register for courses. Other meetings may be necessary as needs, concerns, issues, or questions arise. The best way to contact your advisor is by email first, then by telephone.


5. Will I have the same advisor all the time?

Each fall semester, students are notified who their advisor will be. At times, a different advisor may be assigned as a way to streamline the distribution of advisees to advisor.


6. What do I do if I think my advisor is incorrect or misinformed about something?

If you think your advisor’s information is inaccurate, ask another advisor in the department or the BSW program director.