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The School of Social Work and the School of Law offer a degree combining the MSW degree and the JD degree. The program is designed to promote the integration of legal as well as social work knowledge and skills at fully professional levels. Graduates of this program will be able to account for the legal interventions required by individuals or organizations as clients, while at the same time accounting for the social work services needed by the same individuals or organizations. Students who are interested in obtaining a masters of social work and a law degree  through the MSW-JD. dual degree program must apply and be accepted into both schools. Application materials for the School of Social Work and the School of Law can be accessed through their respective websites. An outline of the course sequence of the program can be found at For more information, contact Professor Ed Risler, (706) 542-8836,


The dual Master of Social Work/Master of Divinity (MSW/ MDiv) degree is a cross-disciplinary program offered by the School of Social Work at the University of Georgia and the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. It is designed to provide integrative training in skills that include but are not limited to: social policy development and implementation, spiritual counseling, cultural sensitivity, effective communication, ecumenical leadership, community resource assessment, program analysis, design and administration; and clinical practices in fields such as gerontology, substance abuse, sexual abuse, grief management, individual therapy and family therapy. Students must apply to each school separately. Once admitted to both schools, students are assigned advisers at each school. Through this program, both degrees may be earned in four years, one year shorter than if the degrees were pursued separately. Learn more at



This program, offered by the University of Georgia School of Social Work and College of Public Health, combines the master of social work (MSW) and master of public health (MPH) degrees. The dual degree program prepares graduates to address the psychosocial needs of individuals, families, and communities at local, state, national, and international levels, as well as prepare them to create, implement, and evaluate public health programs and interventions. Applicants must meet the admissions requirements of both programs. Students who are admitted to both programs can complete the degrees in seven consecutive semesters. Learn more at