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BSW Field Education

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During BSW field education experiences students learn how to practice generalist social work under the direct supervision of a field instructor at a School approved field agency. This "hands on" internship, which is a course, allows students to experience, integrate and practice classroom learning with actual clients, community organizations, and agency programs. Thus, students have multiple opportunities to achieve learning goals as set forth in the BSW Field Education syllabi.

Students intern at the same field agency for both fall and spring semesters on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a minimum of 280 clock hours per semester. Concurrent with the field agency internship, students participate weekly in a field integrative practicum. The seminar instructor, who is also the faculty field liaison to the agency and field instructor, monitors student progress in the internship through two on-site evaluations per semester with the student and the agency field instructor.

Eligibility to enter BSW Field Education is determined by acceptance into the BSW Professional Program. Students must make a separate application for placement at a School approved agency. The BSW Field Education Coordinator places students in agencies. That process, along with other information, is outlined during a field education orientation in early spring semester. Additionally, students participate in a field education preparation workshop held a few days prior to the start of fall semester.

Field education experiences offer supportive and demanding opportunities to develop a social work identity and to forge the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to practice generalist social work. Listed below are valuable comments form recent BSW graduates about their field education experiences.

"I feel that my supervisory relationship has had a significant impact on my development as a person and social worker. By providing constructive criticism, I never felt inadequate but felt like my supervisor cared about my future practice in social work."

"It was an amazing experience. I couldn't have asked for a better field placement".

"The supervisory relationship impacted my development significantly. The feedback given and professionalism modeled helped me find myself in the work."

"I had a great supervisory relationship which greatly impacted my development. I felt we have had a strong connection which made my internship go smoothly."

For further information please contact Thomas Artelt, Coordinator of BSW Field Education