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Field education provides students with educational opportunities that lead to competent practice. The field education experience is intended to complement MSW curriculum objectives. The provision of generalist practice opportunities for all students in both macro and micro practice methods is mandatory in field instruction for the foundation year. The second practicum experience builds on the foundation practicum and provides for the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and skills in social work roles in a concentration area, either Community Empowerment & Program Development or Clinical Practice.

The School of Social Work continues to develop quality practicum placement sites across the region. All sites are selected through a prescribed process of site evaluation and contractual agreements between the agency and the University of Georgia. Student experiences in practicum are designed to meet objectives specified in the practicum syllabus for each semester placement. Hence, the MSW practica is educationally directed, is implemented through a vital partnership of the School with selected human service organizations, and is individualized to meet student learning needs and goals. Throughout the foundation and concentration practicum sequence, a student’s experience is developed, directed, monitored, assessed and educationally supported by the School of Social Work faculty.

The goals for competence training in field education include:

Most placement sites require background checks and or drug testing.