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Interdisciplinary Study Abroad in Ghana

2018 Trip | The Program | Courses | Schedule | Cost | Contact

Ghana, West Africa, is a peaceful, harmonious nation, home to the famous Ashanti, Fanti, Ga, Ewe, Dagomba, as well as other peoples. Ghana is a developing country, working to improve self-sufficiency in food, improve health and education, carry out urban redevelopment and historic preservation, stabilize their currency, and reform the legal code. This program will introduce you to how they are doing these things, and provide an opportunity for you to learn through hands-on involvement. Ghana is well-known for its traditional production of kente and other fabrics.

We also will trace the history of West Africa – homeland of many Africa Americans – its nations and cultures. The history of the slave trade will be discussed as well as Ghana's colonial past, the country's struggle for independence, and its great leaders, including Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and former UN Secretary Kofi Annan.

Apply Now for the 2018 Program!

Apply for the Interdisciplinary Ghana Study Abroad Program at the UGA Office of International Education:


2018 Trip

Application deadline for the Interdisciplinary Ghana Study Abroad is January 12, 2018. The trip is scheduled for Maymester, 2018.

Ghana Study Abroad
1. Team in front of Nkrumah Statue | 2. Team fixes up playground | (mouse over photo to see more)

The Program

Tentative Travel Dates: May 8 - May 31, 2018

Nature and Purpose of the Program This dynamic and exciting program offers classroom time provided along with travel to different regions and cultures. It includes interaction with Ghanaian University students,cultural immersion and, perhaps most importantly, direct involvement.

Description of the Academic Component Each student will enroll in two or three learning-intense programs which provide course material amounting to six (6) hours of credit. The programs will include guest lectures and instruction in classrooms and other locations with students in their on-going courses at various schools, universities and agencies.

Program Goals This program provides accredited course instruction in the areas of African Society and Culture, Children and Family Services Systems in Ghana, and Retail Development in Ghana. It also:



Students will have an opportunity to enroll in six credit hours from the following courses:



(Tentative Schedule)
Regular stay: May 8 to 31, 2018

Itinerary Highlights of Ghana
WEEK 1: May 8- May 14

WEEK 2: May 15- May 21

WEEK 3: May 22- 31



Total cost varies based factors like the number of student participants and program duration. The 2017 tuition and program costs (i.e., housing, on-the-ground transportation, excursions, breakfast/dinner) were $6,568.00. This amount did not include visa, airfare, personal living expenses, etc. For details, see contacts below.


Contact Information

Tiffany Washington
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
(706) 542-5471

Claire McClure
College of Family of Consumer Sciences
215B Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr
Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-8447


Apply through the UGA Study Abroad portal or pick up an application at 279 Williams St., University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602, or contact Assistant Professor Tiffany Washington: (706) 542-5471 or