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The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (MA NML) -- formerly the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Organizations (MNPO) -- is an advanced professional degree for those desiring careers as leaders of nonprofit organizations. The curriculum for this program includes core courses in key aspects of this field, supplemented by supervised internships and electives for specialization.

Program Objectives

The Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership educates graduate students for careers in the nonprofit sector. To this end, the curriculum provides

  1. Essential background knowledge of the scope, dynamics, and distinctiveness of the nonprofit sector.
  2. Key skills in the administration and leadership of nonprofit organizations, such as working effectively with staff and volunteers, fund raising, program evaluation, and ethical judgment.
  3. Practice and application in actual nonprofit organizations through internship opportunities.

Graduate students in the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership program are expected to develop and demonstrate their mastery of content and skills through a variety of core courses, internships, electives, and supervised research projects. Monitoring progress will draw upon course performance, individual self-assessments, the views and reactions of others (students, faculty, professionals), and coded assessment instruments and exercises. The curriculum is designed to be completed over three semesters and one summer. This allows sufficient time to educate generalists in nonprofit organizations and at the same time permit some degree of further specialization (for example, in human resources management or financial management). Part-time students are welcome. The scope of the curriculum and the areas of emphasis reflect our discussions with faculty and managers of nonprofit organizations as well as comparative analyses of other leading universities' programs in this field. For information about applying to the UGA Graduate School, visit