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MSW Competencies & Behaviors

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Our ProSEAD values as well as our school’s vision and mission statements shape the curriculum. The CSWE competencies offer a foundation on which we have built our curriculum. Implicit in the SSW Mission Statement is our view of social work education is committed to viewing students as future leaders and as informed and collaborative members of broader learning communities charged with addressing power and oppression; promoting social justice; using the relevant evidence to inform practice at all levels, while celebrating the vast diversity in our local, national and global communities.

The courses that address the major curriculum content areas are organized to promote horizontal and vertical integration through a logical flow within and between the generalist and advanced content. By reviewing course learning objectives and syllabi, it is possible to see the logic of course content sequencing. Students are encouraged to bring their relevant professional and life experiences into the classroom to enrich the learning environment.

Specifically, the courses meet the nine CSWE core competencies and generalist behaviors as well as our concentration behaviors. Each competency describes the knowledge, values, skills, and cognitive and affective processes that comprise the competency, followed by a set of behaviors that integrate these components. The behaviors represent observable components of the competencies, similar to the manner in which manifest items represent underlying latent constructs.

A detailed description of generalist-level competencies and behaviors can be found on pages 9 through 17 of the MSW Handbook.

Students are also expected to be familiar with the academic requirements and information presented on the SSW website, the handbook, the field manual, and to follow School of Social Work and Graduate School’s guidelines and requirements. Failure to do this could delay graduation.