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MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program

The Graduate School of the University of Georgia offers a dual degree program in social work and public health. The primary objective of the MSW-MPH dual degree program is to supplement the professional education of Social Work students with additional specialization and training in Public Health, and vice versa. Social Work and Public Health are, by design, service professions that support human well-being. Completion of this program leads to the degrees of MSW and MPH with a concentration in Health Promotion and Behavior. For more information regarding the MSW program, contact David Okech at (706) 542-5431 or Contact Jessica Mullenburg for the Health Promotion & Behavior MPH concentration, and Kerstin Emerson for the Gerontology MPH concentration. Find out more about the program at

MSW/M.Div. Dual Degree Program

The MSW/M.Div. dual degree program is the first in the state of Georgia. Students enrolled in this dual degree program will complete a 135-hour curriculum and can be in the Clinical Practice Concentration or the Community Empowerment and Program Development Concentration in the School of Social Work and the Candler College of Theology. This dual degree program integrates the knowledge, values and skills offered by the existing M.S.W. and M.Div. professional degree programs with a unique focus that addresses issues of grief, loss, and bereavement. The graduates of this program will address a critical societal need for social work-based social services that are responsive to faith-based needs of clients served. This unique combined training will prepare the graduates to assist people struggling to identify their ultimate concerns, sense of meaning and purpose, as well as providing them with strategies for coping during times of tragedy and adversity. For more information, visit or contact Thomas Artelt at (706) 542-5474 or

MSW/JD Dual Degree Program

The Graduate School of the University of Georgia offers a Dual Degree Program between the School of Social Work and the School of Law. This combines the M.S.W. degree and the JD degree, and is designed to promote the integration of legal as well as social work knowledge and skills at fully professional levels. Similar to other dual degree programs approved by the Graduate School, this program would account for the professional requirements of a master’s level social worker and the professional requirements of a law school graduate. Graduates of this program will be able to account for the legal interventions required by individuals or organizations as clients, while at the same time accounting for the social work services needed by the same individuals or organizations. Please follow this link to see the program of study. For more information contact Zoe Johnson at (706) 542-5419 or