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MSW/MPH Program

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Program Overview

The Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health dual degree program at the University of Georgia provides students with an interdisciplinary education using biopsychosocial and epidemiological perspectives to address critical health issues at the local, state, national, and international levels. Graduates of this program will have the knowledge and skills to combine social work intervention at the individual (micro) level with the public health goal of prevention at the population (macro) level. The program's focus on health disparities underscores the social justice commitment of both professions to enhance human wellbeing.

Currently, the MSW/MPH dual degree program is offered in the following concentrations:

The MSW/MPH dual degree program at UGA is the first in the state of Georgia, and one of only five MSW/MPH programs in the Southeast. Students enrolled in this dual degree program will complete a 91-hour curriculum, with Social Work and Public Health carefully coordinating coursework so that students can complete the program in 2 ½ years (seven consecutive semesters, including summers).

The MSW/MPH program is available to students attending the Athens campus at the University of Georgia. Students attend classes at both the main Athens campus and the new Health Sciences Campus located about four miles west of the main campus. The program is not available online. For more detailed information about the program, visit our blog.


Why Pursue Dual MSW and MPH Degrees?
Graduates with dual MSW and MPH degrees demonstrate an ability to complete a rigorous program of study that involves trans-disciplinary methods by combining the “soft” competencies or “people skills” of social work with the “hard” competencies of public health1.  Dual degrees integrate public health’s focus on prevention and social work’s focus on intervention, which builds a strong foundation to improve the health and well-being of communities.

The fields of Social Work and Public Health complement each other in several ways2:

Earnings and Job Outlook
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics3:

Having dual MSW and MPH degrees gives you access to positions in both of these fast-growing fields, which could increase your chances of finding employment after graduation.

Areas of practice for MSW MPH graduates include:

Learn more about what UGA MSW/MPH students and alumni are doing by visiting our blog.

1 Ruth, B.J., Sisco, S., Wyatt, J., Bethke, S.S., Piper, T.M. (2008). Public Health and Social Work:  Training Dual Professionals for the Contemporary Workplace. Public Health Reports, 123(S2), 71-77.  Available at:
2 Sable, M.R., Schild, D.S. & Hipp, J.A. (2012). Public Health and Social Work.  In S. Gehlert & T. Browne (Eds.), Handbook of Health Social Work (pp. 64-99). Hoboken, NJ:  WILEY.
3 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-2013 Edition. (2012). Social Workers.  Available at:


Admissions Information

Applicants to the MSW/MPH dual degree program at The University of Georgia (UGA) must apply separately for admission to the School of Social Work and the College of Public Health. Acceptance into one program does not ensure acceptance into the other. Students may apply and be accepted into both programs before starting either, or they can apply to the second program early in the first semester of graduate school (e.g., will apply to the MPH program early in the first semester of the MSW program).

Completing two rigorous graduate degree programs simultaneously requires that students have a strong academic record. Although the admission requirements for the two programs differ, both reflect the demanding nature of graduate studies.

Application Process
Students must follow the application instructions for the program they are applying to:

Students must also apply again to the UGA Graduate School at the time they apply to the 2nd degree program.  When preparing the application with the 2nd degree program, it is recommended that the student contact the respective admissions coordinator (as listed on the application process website) to let them know they are planning an application and to receive any special instructions for the application.  Information about the Graduate School application process can be found at these web sites as well.

Admission Requirements
Admission requirements in the School of Social Work and the College of Public Health differ in terms of the emphasis placed on the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing components of the GRE.  Prospective applicants should carefully review the requirements for each program.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page at our blog for more detailed program information.



General Information

Trina Salm Ward, PhD, MSW
MSW MPH Dual Degree Coordinator
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Assistant Professor, College of Public Health


Admissions Information

Social Work

Leon Banks, PhD, MSW
Admissions Director

Public Health

Lindsey Whittaker
MPH/DrPH Admissions Coordinator