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"When I made the decision to attend a PhD program in the United States, the social work doctoral program at UGA had various attractions to me: strong academics, plus excellent financial and emotional support. Since I came here, I have really enjoyed my doctoral student life in Athens. In particular, the School supports international students (including me) very well. Since UGA is a big school, there are diverse learning and working opportunities outside of the School of Social Work, which is the perfect fit to the interdiscplinary approach. In addition, I like a warm weather in Athens. Athens is a small campus town, which is great for studying and is near the big city of Atlanta. My whole family enjoys a very good life in Athens."

Dr. Byungdeok Kang, '09
Hangdong Global University
School of Counseling Psychology and Social Welfare
Pohang, Gyeongsang,
South Korea

Ph.D. Program

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Welcome to the Social Work Ph.D. Program of the University of Georgia! We appreciate your interest in the Social Work Ph.D. Program and hope that this site will provide you with the information you are seeking. We will be happy to respond to any unanswered questions that you may have about our program.

Founded in 1990, the University of Georgia School of Social Work Ph.D. Program has produced over 100 graduates, most of whom have gone on to assume academic, research, or administrative positions. Career opportunities for social work Ph.D. graduates are excellent. The number of social work doctorates produced nationally each year is not sufficient to fill the numerous positions open in academic social work programs across the nation.

The Ph.D. program at the University of Georgia prepares social work professionals for careers in academic research settings, and for practice in program evaluation and other forms of scientific research in the public and private sectors. The overall goals are to help students acquire the research skills necessary to develop original empirically-based research studies that have direct applications to social work practice. In addition, we emphasize learning about teaching in order that our graduates are able to provide quality instruction in the evidence-based practice of social work across the curriculum .

If you have questions about the doctoral progam at UGA, contact Shari Miller, Ph.D. Program Director, at or at (706) 542-2328. You may also contact Kat Farlowe, the administrative specialist for the program, at or at 706-542-5461.