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Omar Sims
Omar Sims, Ph.D. ' 11

"The Ph.D. program in the School of Social Work at the University of Georgia provided me with a solid foundation in both quantitative and qualitative methods. The program supported my research interests in hepatitis C virus (HCV) associated liver disease, and facilitated my desire and need to acquire additional training and mentorship in health and social work public health. As a result, I was highly recruited by research universities, and I was fully prepared to hit the ground running in my new faculty position with publications, grants, and multidisciplinary collaborations as a newly minted junior investigator."

Dr. Omar Sims, '11
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Department. of Social Work


Ph.D. Student Financial Assistance

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Graduate Assistantship Funding

Students admitted as prospective candidates in full time study are generally offered graduate assistantship funding. ┬áRecipients are selected through a competitive process, and assistantships are awarded only to the University’s most qualified individuals to aid them in their pursuit of study or research.

The Dean’s Research Assistantship Award from the School of Social Work (SSW) requires a 15 hour per week work commitment to the SSW with an assigned faculty member on a research project. It provides a stipend of approximately $13,000 over two semesters (10 months), plus a tuition reduction to $25 (students will still be subject to activity fees of approximately $1135). There is no summer semester funding, however students who were on assistantship funding during the fall and spring semesters are eligible for the reduced tuition rate of $25.

Ph.D. students have historically received three years of funding from the SSW - contingent upon satisfactory academic progress, work performance, approval of the department, and continued funding by the State of Georgia. They may also be awarded a graduate research assistantship in the second year of the Ph.D. program, and in the third year, a teaching assistantship award. In subsequent years of study, students may apply for various teaching, graduate, and/or research assistantships, either in the SSW, another department at UGA, or through extramural funding, which provide equivalent stipends and tuition waivers, on a semester-by-semester basis.

Students selecting the extended-time option are not eligible to receive SSW research assistantships or Graduate School assistantships. The required number of enrolled semester hours for an assistantship is 12 hours each fall and spring semester and 9 hours during the summer semester.

Funding from the UGA Graduate School

For information about financial assistance managed through the UGA Graduate School, visit their website.

Out of State Tuition Waivers for Candidacy

Out-of-state or international doctoral students who are admitted to candidacy will automatically be granted an out-of-state tuition waiver by Graduate School staff and be eligible for in-state tuition if they do not have an assistantship waiver. The waiver will be effective the semester following the semester in which the student is admitted to candidacy (must be admitted prior to the last day of classes).

Extramural Funding

There are numerous opportunites for social work Ph.D. students to receive fellowships, scholarships, and grants from extramural sources. Here are a few links for more information:

Council on Social Work Education Minority Fellowship Program

NASW Foundation Fellowship, Scholarship and Research Awards

National Association of Black Social Workers Scholarships and Awards

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) State Doctoral Scholars Program

GADE Doctoral Student Funding Opportunities

Scholarships for Social Work Doctoral Students - compiled by Dr. Monit Cheung, Ph.D., LSCW, Professor of Social Work, University of Houston

Social Work License Map list of Scholarshps

Top 10 Financial Aid Resources for Gradaute Students

For more information concerning UGA's tuition and fee schedule, please visit the Bursar's Office. Select the semester and location, then select Graduates for the program.