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Brian W. Simmons, Ph.D. (2017). Coming out Mormon: An examination of religious orientation, spiritual trauma, and PTSD among Mormon and ex-Morman LGBTQQA adults. Committee members: Shari Miller, Brian Bride, Mary Caplan.

R. Lee Phillips, Ph.D. (2017). Quality of life among hemodialysis patients: Evaluating the KDQOL-36 and its utility in clinical practice. Committee members: Larry Nackerud, Tiffany Washington, Matthew Smith.

Jessica Nobile, Ph.D. (2017). Young African American women in a college town: Stories of strength. Committee members: June Hopps, Tony Lowe, Rosalyn Campbell.

Nicole A. Corley, Ph.D. (2017). Shifting the discourse: An exploration of academic success among African American students from single mother homes. Committee members: Patricia Reeves, Jennifer Elkins, Kathleen deMarrais, Deryl Bailey.

Irang Kim, Ph.D. (2017). Parental experiences of Korean-American immigrant parents of sons or daughters having developmental disabilities: Stress and coping. Committee members: M. Elizabeth Vonk, Shari Miller, Y. Joon Choi.

Kimberly Y. Hoyt, Ph.D. (2017). Foster care, public good, and privatization: A comparative secondary analysis of child welfare performance outcomes. Committee members: Michael Holosko, Harold Briggs, Llewellyn Cornelius, Larry Nackerud.

Lauren A. Ricciardelli, Ph.D. (2017). A multi-methods analysis for understanding the intersection of intellectual disability, capital punishment, and social inclusion: Implications for policy, practice, and research in social work. Committee members: Kristina Jaskyte Bahr, M. Elizabeth Vonk, Kevin Ayres, Alexander Kaufman.

J. Lloyd Allen, Ph.D. (2017). Parent-child communications among a sample of self-identified out gay males: A qualitative inquiry. Committee members: Michael Holosko, Shari Miller, Jennifer Elkins, Orion Mowbray.

Katherine J. Crawford, Ph.D. (2016).  Innovative social service collaboration:  Investigating the collective impact efforts and trauma-informed care practices of the Athens Resource Center for Hope (ARCH).Committee members:  Brian E. Bride, Y. Joon Choi, Jennifer Elkins.

Jennifer L. Benford, Ph.D. (2016).  Pre-teen students’ perceptions of dating and teen dating violence:  A qualitative study.  Committee members:  Shari Miller, Pamela Orpinas, Trina Salm Ward.

Brendan G. Beal, Ph.D. (2016). The internet, technology, and social work education. Committee members: Larry Nackerud, David Okech, Jennifer Elkins.

Stephen M. Young, Ph.D. (2016). Barriers to ethical decision-making for HIV/AIDS treatment providers around the globe. Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, David Okech, Paul Roman.

Jun Hoe Kim, Ph.D. (2016). Comparative case study of resource structures (information and service) for Korean American women's breast cancer screenings in Atlanta and Chicago metropolitan areas. Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Y. Joon Choi, Edwin Risler, Su-I Hou.

Adam E. Quinn, Ph.D. (2016). Factors related to alcohol-use disorders and perceptions of treatment need among baby boomers across the life course:  Implications for social work theory, research, and practice. Committee Members:  Orion Mowbray, Larry Nackerud, Tiffany Washington.

Jaewon Lee, Ph.D. (2015). Analysis of perceptions of successful aging among older Korean immigrants and the role of resilience and acculturation as predictors.Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, David Okech, Kerstin Gerst Emerson.

Marianna L. Colvin, Ph.D. (2015).  Mapping the interorganizational landscape of child welfare prevention and service delivery:  A network analysis. Committee Members:  Alberta Ellett, Shari Miller (co-chairs), Larry Nackerud, Orion Mowbray.

Soonok An, Ph.D. (2015).  An analysis of TANF application and assessment processes under the family violence option. Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Michael Holosko, Mary Caplan, Joan Prittie.

Melinda W. Moore, Ph.D. (2014).  Women in ethnic conflict:  A critical ethnography of female combatants in the provisional Irish Republican Army.  Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Michelle Carney, Diane Napier, Ed Risler.

Debra R. Lubar, Ph.D. (2013).  Food policy to prevent harm or improve health.  Committee Members:  Michelle Mohr Carney, Anne Haddix, Michael Holosko, Larry Nackerud.

Tamara E. Hurst, Ph.D. (2013).  Childhood emotional maltreatment and prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children:  A mixed methods study.  Committee Members:  Michael Holosko, Larry Nackerud, Michelle Carney, Alberta Ellett.

Kerri J. Steele, Ph.D. (2013).  The evolution of employment and training programs for the homeless:  An evaluation of a community outreach response to the one-stop career model. Committee Members:  Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, David Okech.

Junghyun Kim, Ph.D. (2013).  Factors in productive aging of East Asian immigrants in the United States:  An exploratory study of productive aging attributes.  Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Edwin Risler, Kerstin Gerst-Emerson, David Okech.

Hyejung Oh, Ph.D. (2013).  Intimate partner violence among Asian women in interracial relationship:  An investigation of risk factors using U.S. national representative data. Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Brian Bride, Betsy Vonk.

Dione M. King, Ph.D. (2012).  The role of adolescent risk factors in the development of a predictive model for female perpetration of teen dating violence.  Committee Members:  Schnavia Hatcher, Brian Bride, Edwin Risler, David Okech.

Sung Ae Kwon, Ph.D. (2012).  Gerontological social workers and end-of-life care in South Korea:  An exploratory study.  Committee Members:  Stacey Kolomer, Edwin Risler, Anne Glass, Nancy Rothenberg.

Jaegoo Lee, Ph.D. (2012).  Cultural and racial socialization in international transracial adoption:  Development and initial validation of the hypothesized model.  Committee Members:  Betsy Vonk, Alberta Ellett, Ed Risler, Josie Crolley-Simic.

Carol B. Laws, Ph.D. (2012).  Credentialing as a predictor of staff retention in supports for aging adults with developmental disabilities. Committee Members:  Stacey Kolomer, Brian Bride, Edwin Risler, Zolinda Stoneman.

Jacquelyn J. Lee, Ph.D. (2012).  Social work practice with trauma survivors:  Investigating risk and protective factors for secondary traumatic stress in a national sample of social work practitioners.  Committee Members:  Brian Bride, Stacey Kolomer, Shari Miller.

Meredith L. Tetloff, Ph.D. (2012).  Contributions, challenges, and contradictions:  Assessing the role of the professional community organizer within collaborative problem-solving.  Committee Members:  Michelle Mohr Carney, Thomas P. Holland, Michael J. Holosko, Mel Garber.

Sarah A. Himmelheber, Ph.D. (2012).  Harnessing waste, building success:  An ethnographic case study of the Campus Kitchens Project.  Committee Members:  Patricia Reeves, Shari Miller, Amy Trauger, Cecilia Herles.

Sara M. Kintzle, Ph.D. (2012).  Secondary traumatic stress in military healthcare providers:  An examination of empathy and emotional separation as moderating variables.  Committee Members:  Brian Bride, Stacey Kolomer, Schnavia Hatcher, Jeffrey Yarvis.

Elizabeth A. Gowdy, Ph.D. (2011). Impact of monetary sanctions on impoverished criminal defendants, their family, and the community. Committee Members:  Edwin Risler, Michelle Mohr Carney, Jerome Schiele.

Omar T. Sims, Ph.D. (2011). An epidemiologic longitudinal analysis on the management of neuropsychiatric side effects with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIS) during hepatitis C antiviral therapy on a cohort of chronic hepatitis C patients: Implications for sustained virological responses and quality of life.  Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Brian Bride, Christopher Whalen.

Marcela Y. Mellinger, Ph.D. (2011).  Advocacy participation, structure, and strategy among nonprofit human service organizations.  Committee members:  Stacey Kolomer, Brian Bride, Shari Miller.

John R. Barner, Ph.D. (2011).  Life or death decisions:  Measuring jury instruction   impact on imposition of the death penalty.  Committee members:  Larry Nackerud, Elizabeth Beck, Michelle Carney, Ed Risler.

Latrice P. Rollins, Ph.D. (2010).  Exploring the experiences of African-American women who provide direct services to African American nonresidential fathers.  Committee members:  June Gary Hopps, Cheryl Dozier, Tony Lowe.

David L. Whiters, Ph.D. (2010).  A historical analysis of the initial five years of recovery consultants of Atlanta, Inc.:  A faith-based, peer-led addiction recovery and HIV prevention program. Committee Members:  Cheryl D. Dozier, Maurice C. Daniels, Ezemenari Obasi, Denise N. A. Bacchus.

Natalie D. Pope, Ph.D. (2010). Female caregivers’ perspectives and plans for their own aging. Committee members:  Stacey Kolomer, Betsy Vonk, Anne Glass, Judith Preissle.

Josphine Chaumba, Ph.D. (2009). The effects of social capital on the integration of Zimbabwean immigrants into the United States.  Committee members:  Larry Nackerud, Judith Preissle, Kevin DeWeaver.

Crystal M. Anderson, Ph.D. (2009). Wounded warriors:  Predictors of treatment outcome for male veterans with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder.  Committee members:  Cheryl D. Dozier, Patricia Reeves, Larry Nackerud, Ezemenari Obasi.

Deborah L. Phillips, Ph.D. (2009). Georgia’s care of a grandchild act:  History and analysis.  Committee members:  Kevin DeWeaver, Betsy Vonk, Stacey Kolomer.

Sun Young Yoo, Ph.D. (2009). Immigrant Parental Stress Inventory (IPSI):  Development and initial validation. Committee members:  Betsy Vonk, Alberta Ellett, Brian Bride.

Stephen H. King, Jr., Ph.D. (2009).  The development and initial validation of the Empathy Scale for Social Workers: The ESSW.  Committee members:  Michael J. Holosko, Larry Nackerud, Patricia Reeves, Ed Risler.

Byungdeok Kang, Ph.D. (2009).  Congregational social services:  Leader’s perceptions and experiences.  Committee members:  Thomas P. Holland, Michelle M. Carney, Brian E. Bride.

Kareema J. Gray, Ph.D. (2009).  Unsung heroes:  An examination of 19th century African American social welfare pioneers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Committee members:  June Gary Hopps, Cheryl Dozier, Tony Lowe.

Sandra Y. H. Espanoza, Ph.D. (2009).  Living with HIV/AIDS:  Exploring Latino women’s narratives.  Committee members:  Patricia Reeves, Brian Bride, Thomas Herbert, Pamela Voekel.

Karen Y. Watkins, Ph.D. (2008). An analysis of stressors, mediators and health outcomes among African-American caregivers of older adults with chronic illness. Committee members:  Rufus Larkin, Larry Nackerud, Stacey Kolomer, Ed Risler.

Michael Nathan Humble, Ph.D. (2008).  Evolution of a virus:  Exploring changes on social work research on HIV/AIDS.  Committee members:  Brian Bride, Patricia Reeves, Stacey Kolomer.

Denise L. Levy, Ph.D. (2008). Gay, lesbian, and queer individuals with a Christian upbringing: Exploring the process of resolving conflict between sexual identity and religious beliefs.  Committee members:  Patricia M. Reeves, Corey W. Johnson, Sharan B. Merriam, Nancy R. Williams.

Angela G. Montagno, Ph.D. (2007).  Trauma in street children and those at risk of the street in Mexico City:  An exploratory study of exposure, severity, and risk factors.  Committee members:  Brian E. Bride, Larry Nackerud, Nancy Williams.

Hilary L. Copp, Ph.D. (2007).  Using virtual reality to investigate cross-cue reactivity and environmental cues in nicotine dependent problem drinkers Committee members:  Patrick Bordnick, Betsy Vonk, Brian Bride.

Amy C. Traylor, Ph.D. (2007). Exploring cue reactivity in nicotine dependent young adults using virtual reality with expanded olfactory cues.  Committee members:  Patrick Bordnick, Betsy Vonk, Brian Bride.

Sung Hyun Yun, Ph.D. (2007).  The development and examination of the psychometric properties of the Intimate Violence Responsibility Scale (IVRS).  Committee members:  Betsy Vonk, Alberta Ellett, Seock Ho-Kim, Julia Perilla.

Terri D. Wingate Lewinson, Ph.D. (2007).  Extended-stay hotel as home:  An exploratory study.  Committee members:  June Gary Hopps, Maurice Daniels, Patricia Reeves.

Carol S. Collard, Ph.D. (2007).  Supportive housing:  It’s efficacy as intervention for low-income adults coping with substance addiction recovery.  Committee members:  Rufus Larkin, Larry Nackerud, Kevin DeWeaver.

Aisha K. Tucker-Brown, Ph.D. (2007).  An exploration of factors that influence sexual decision making among young black women. Committee members:  Patricia Reeves, Larry Nackerud, Juanita Johnson-Bailey.

Joan R. Funk, Ph.D. (2007).  Practitioners’ views of continuing education:  An empirical examination of social workers across the United States.  Committee members:   Margaret Robinson, Betsy Vonk, Kristina Jaskyte.

Jane S. Wimmer, Ph.D. (2007). Experiences of attachment therapy: A follow-up study of adoptive mothers. Committee members: Betsy Vonk, Alberta Ellett, Patricia Reeves.

Leon Banks, Ph.D. (2007). Georgia Senate Bill 440: An examination of determining factors of youth who are waived to superior court and the effectiveness of juvenile waivers as a deterrent to recidivism. Committee members: Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, Schnavia Smith Hatcher.

Sandra R. Murphy, Ph.D. (2006).  A comparison study of federally funded social work education programs for child welfare workers in Georgia.  Committee Members:  Kevin DeWeaver, Larry Nackerud, Alberta Ellett.

Irene S. McClatchey, Ph.D. (2006).  The effects of trauma focused grief interventions with parentally bereaved children.  Committee Members:  Betsy Vonk, Brian Bride, Gregory Palardy.

Carol F. Rossiter, Ph.D. (2006).  A mezzo-level intervention for the socio-legal problems of an aging population.  Committee Members:  Stacey Kolomer, Maurice Daniels, Edwin Risler.

Hyoung Yong Kim, Ph.D. (2006).  Assessing the role of social capital in the community development field:  A multi-level analysis.  Committee Members:  Kevin DeWeaver, Thomas Holland, Kristina Jaskyte

Ottive L. Breedlove, Ph.D. (2006).  Coping in the shadows of welfare reform:  How poor women make ends meet.  Committee Members:  Patricia Reeves, Larry Nackerud, Edwin Risler.

Min Hong Lee, Ph.D. (2006).  The impact of caregiver stressors, resources, and perceptions on potential elder abuse:  Applying the ABCX model.  Committee Members:  Stacey Kolomer, Nancy Kropf, Edwin Risler.

Bryce D. Smith, Ph.D. (2006).  Evaluation of an HIV prevention intervention:  The effect of internalized homophobia on outcomes Committee Members:  Kevin DeWeaver, Nancy Kropf, Edwin Risler, Miriam Sabin.

Tonya M. Westbrook, Ph.D. (2006).  Development and initial validation of the child welfare organizational culture scale.  Committee Members:  Alberta Ellett, Kevin DeWeaver, Larry Nackerud, Stacey Kolomer.

Josie Crolley-Simic, Ph.D. (2006).  Racial socialization experiences of white parents who transracially adopt.  Committee Members: Betsy Vonk, Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud.

Alice Boateng, Ph.D. (2006).  Social capital of Liberian refugee women in Ghana:  A mixed methods study.  Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Rufus Larkin, Diana Napier.

Amaris Baraka, Ph.D. (2006).  My girls and spirituality:  African American Female adolescents with voice.  Committee Members:  Larry Nackerud, Rufus Larkin, Judith Preissle.

Alicia A. Simmons, Ph.D. (2005).  Differences between grandparent foster caregivers, other relatives and non-relative foster caregivers and predictors of their relationships with the children in their care.  Committee Members:  Alberta Ellett, Larry Nackerud, Nancy Kropf.

Sarah E. Twill, Ph.D. (2005). The Kidsnet program: An evaluation of the effectiveness of system care services for youth with severe emotional disturbances. Committee Members: Edwin A. Risler, Larry Nackerud, Michelle Carney, Denise Green.

Christopher D. Jones, Ph.D. (2005). Residential treatment for sexually abusive youth: An assessment of change in functional impairment and sexual interest.Committee Members: Edwin A. Risler, Larry Nackerud, Stephanie Bohon

Dhira D. Crunkilton, Ph.D. (2005).  Multiple perspectives on implementation of the internet-based journey mapping evaluation tool.  Committee Members:  Margaret Robinson, Nancy P. Kropf, Brian E. Bride.

John B. Doherty, Ph.D. (2005). Measuring veterans’ psychosocial status in the context of general self-efficacy. Committee Members: Nancy Kropf, Kevin DeWeaver, Stacey Kolomer.

Thomas A. Artelt, Ph.D. (2005). A comparison of the academic performance of experienced versus inexperienced MSW’s earning the social work doctorate.Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Larry Nackerud, Edwin Risler.

Mary J. Kraus, Ph.D. (2005). The utility and application of the concept of empowerment in social work journals: A computer-assisted content analysis. Committee Members: Betsy Vonk, Nancy R. Williams, Stephanie Swann.

Krista L. Barker, Ph.D. (2005). A mixed method approach to accessing the efficacy of a mindfulness-based stress reduction program. Committee Members: Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, Stephanie Swann, Richard Milford.

Jacquelyn I. Ellis, Ph.D. (2005). Continued development and validation of a theory-based measure of human caregiving for social work. Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Alberta Ellett, Larry Nackerud, Nancy R. Williams.

Vanessa M. Robinson-Dooley, Ph.D. (2005). The subjective well-being of aging African American men. Committee Members: Nancy P. Kropf, Kevin DeWeaver, Cheryl Dozier.

Roni S. Funk, Ph.D. (2005). Sexual harassment and disordered eating symptomatology in females: Objectification, silencing, and symbolic expression of self. Committee Members: Nancy Kropf, Kevin DeWeaver, Stephanie Swann.

Lesa N. Hope, Ph.D. (2005). A secondary analysis of agency records exploring self-determination as it relates to gender and disability. Committee Members: Edwin Risler, Nancy P. Kropf, Zolinda Stoneman, Jeanette Manders.

Douglas K. Jackson, Ph.D. (2004). Factors that are predictive of involvement of detained youth in adverse incidents. Committee Members: Thomas P. Holland, Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, Dan Hall.

Susan M. Strickland, Ph.D. (2004). A comparative study of female sex offenders and female offenders: Exploring issues of personality, trauma, and cognitive distortions. Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Edwin Risler, Betsy Vonk.

Carole G. Katz, Ph.D. (2004). Impact of sense of humor and other psychosocial variables on caregiver depression. Committee Members: Nancy P. Kropf, Thomas P. Holland, Stacey Kolomer.

Christina A. Spivey, Ph.D. (2004). Same-sex couple adoptions: The relationship between beliefs, attitudes, external influences, and placement decisions. Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Stephanie Swann, Nancy P. Kropf

Joann M. Thierry, Ph.D. (2004). Breast cancer screening among women aged 40 years and older who have physical disabilities. Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Patricia Reeves, Margaret Robinson.

Scott E. Wilks, Ph.D. (2004). The relationship between prayer and resiliency among Alzheimer’s caregivers. Committee Members: Betsy Vonk, Nancy Kropf, Nancy R. Williams.

Roger L. Scott, Ph.D. (2004). Community treatment outcomes for persons with severe and persistent mental illness: A theory-driven evaluation of assertive community treatment.  Committee Members: Thomas P. Holland, Larry Nackerud, Ed Risler.

Kenneth R. Greene, Ph.D. (2004). Shared leadership in voluntary multiparty community collaboratives: Putting the pieces together.  Committee Members: Thomas P. Holland, Margaret Robinson, Edwin Risler, Alberta Ellett, Patricia Reeves.

Robert D. Weaver, Ph.D. (2004). Boom or bust: Analyzing the impact of economic climate on welfare reform in Georgia.  Committee Members: Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, Alberta Ellett.

Jeffrey S. Yarvis, Ph.D. (2004).  A comparison of depression and alcohol problems in Canadian peacekeepers and different levels of traumatic stress.  Committee Members: Patrick Bordnick, Betsy Vonk, Michele Lease.

Robin L. Dearing, Ph.D. (2004). Support groups for HIV+ women: An exploratory study.  Committee Members: Bonnie Yegidis, Nancy Kropf, Margaret Robinson.

Janice T. Callaway, Ph.D. (2004).  Continuing education by schools of social work: Levels of involvement and future focus.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Edwin Risler, Nancy Kropf.

Eunkyung Yoon, Ph.D. (2004). A stress coping model for older Koreans: Effects of social support and religiosity on depression.  Committee Members: Nancy Kropf, Margaret Robinson, Stacey Kolomer.

Denise M. Green, Ph.D. (2004). Grady Health Systems community outreach services: A study of program efficacy.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Edwin Risler, Kevin DeWeaver.

Laura A. Lowe, Ph.D. (2003). Social work and forensic practice: An assessment of attitudes and experience.  Committee Members: Edwin Risler, Larry Nackerud, Stephanie Bohon.

Carlise C. Billings, Ph.D. (2003).  The effects of the aggression and violence reduction training program on African-American adolescent males.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Bonnie Yegidis, Rufus Larkin.

Michael E. King, Ph.D. (2003). Creation and validation of the social work student self-appraisal inventory.  Committee Members: Patrick Bordnick, Kevin DeWeaver, Edwin Risler.

Tara S. G. Arnold, Ph.D. (2003). Evaluation of an innovative dual diagnosis program: Skyland Trail’s Operation Prevention (STOP).  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Patricia Reeves, Edwin Risler.

Joy T. Nellissery, Ph.D. (2002). The Catholic priest: A witness to the seasons of life- an exploratory investigation of the perceptions and responses to spousal abuse.  Committee Members: Margaret Robinson, Patricia Reeves, Nancy Williams, David Kurtz.

Monica M. Alzate, Ph.D. (2002). The quality of life of single mothers on welfare in Georgia and the 1996 welfare reform.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Bonnie Yegidis, Nancy Kropf, David Kurtz, Stephanie Bohon.

Sung Seek Moon, Ph.D. (2002). Multicultural/Multimodal/Multisystems (MULTI-CMS) approach for immigrant families: Structural equation modeling of adolescent perception of conflict with parents.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Larry Nackerud, Margaret Robinson, Nancy Kropf, Seock-Ho Kim.

John W. Gilford, Ph.D. (2002). Modeling change in behavioral and emotional symptoms of serious emotional disturbance in children and adolescents: A two-level growth curve analysis.  Committee Members: Thomas Holland, Bruce Thyer, Larry Nackerud, Maurice Daniels, Cheryl Davenport Dozier.

Hyunji Lee, Ph.D. (2002). Experience of caregiving daughters-in-law in South Korea.  Committee Members: Margaret Robinson, Larry Nackerud, Kevin DeWeaver, Adam Davey, Seock-Ho Kim.

Miriam E. Sabin, Ph.D. (2002). The Guatemalan refugees twenty years later: mental health in Mayan communities in Chiapas, Mexico.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Bonnie Yegidis, Tom Holland, Stacey Kolomer, Elois Ann Berlin.

Michael K. Sullivan, Ph.D. (2001). Barriers to employment: The effect of TANF status and earned income.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Bruce Thyer, Kevin DeWeaver, Ed Risler, Alberta Ellett.

Elizabeth E. Brown, Ph.D. (2001). Conceptualization of a model to build cohesion in multi-ethnic neighborhoods.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Jim Gaudin, Margaret Robinson, David Kurtz, Milton Lopes.

Brian E. Bride, Ph.D. (2001).  Psychometric properties of the Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale.  Committee Members: Margaret Robinson, Bonnie Yegidis, Larry Nackerud, Tom Holland, Nancy Williams.

Bhuvana Sukumar, Ph.D. (2001). Social interaction, residential satisfaction, and subjective well-being among residents of congregate and non-congregate public housing.  Committee Members: Ray MacNair, Nancy Kropf, David Boyle, David Levine, Katheryn Davis.

Jill S. Harvan, Ph.D. (2001). The relationship between child, family, and treatment variables and family functioning among abusive and neglectful families.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Bonnie Yegidis, Nancy Kropf, Larry Nackerud, Jim Gaudin.

Raymond J. Waller, Ph.D. (2000). A correlation study of the impact of discrimination on disposition during hospital emergency services contacts.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Bruce Thyer, Larry Nackerud, Jeff Koob, Katheryn David.

Laura J. Pankow, Ph.D. (2000). Evaluating a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program for older adults with visual impairment.  Committee Members: Tom Holland, Larry Nackerud, David Kurtz, Ray MacNair, Daniel Hall.

Shannon H. Perry, Ph.D. (2000). Seeking sex sense: Evaluation of adolescent pregnancy prevention programming.  Committee Members: Larry Nackerud, Cheryl Dozier, Maurice Daniels, Katheryn Davis, Lily McNair.

Su Lun Ko, Ph.D. (2000). Working with East and Southeast Asian battered women.  Committee Members: David Kurtz, Bonnie Yegidis, Margaret Robinson, Alicia Isaac, and Judith Priessle.

Frederick P. Brooks, Ph.D. (2000). Children and welfare reform: Comparing well-being in a sample of working poor and welfare poor children in Georgia.  Committee Members: Tom Holland, Bonnie Yegidis, Larry Nackerud, Claire Hamilton, David Kurtz, Marty Markward.

Christopher R. Larrison, Ph.D. (1999). A comparison of top-down and bottom-up community development interventions in rural Mexico: Practical and theoretical implications for community development programs.  Committee Members: Tom Holland, David Kurtz, Larry Nackerud, John O’Looney, and Hans Park.

Gwyn C. Jones, Ph.D. (1999).  Predictive factors affecting health care access and service utilization for persons with disabilities: Implications for social work practice, policy development, and education.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Nancy Kropf, David Boyle, Larry Nackerud, and Tom Holland.

John P. Shields, Ph.D. (1999). Evaluating the effects of Georgia Bill 100 on psychiatric hospitalization: A time series analysis.  Committee Members: Bonnie Yegidis, Bruce Thyer, Larry Nackerud, Barbara Rittner, Lynn Seymour.

Tracy Carpenter-Aeby, Ph.D. (1999). An evaluation of psychosocial and educational outcomes in an alternative educational program.  Committee Members: Bonnie Yegidis, Kevin DeWeaver, David Kurtz, Bruce Thyer, and Earl Ginter.

Nancy C. Aldridge, Ph.D. (1999). Evaluating treatment for sex offenders: A pretest-postest and follow-up study.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, David Kurtz, Bruce Thyer, Alicia Isaac, and Larry Nackerud.

Randy Niederman, Ph.D. (1999). The conceptualization of a model of spirituality.  Committee Members: Tom Holland, Jim Gaudin, Katheryn Davis, Marty Markward, and Larry Nackerud.

Lisa P. Baker, Ph.D. (1998).  Social work intervention to increase compliance with home apnea monitoring.  Committee Members: Jim Gaudin, Kevin DeWeaver, Larry Nackerud, Bruce Thyer, and Margaret Robinson.

Laura L. Myers, Ph.D. (1998). Attitudes and perceptions of well-being by former residents of a residential foster care facility: An exploratory study.  Committee Members: Barbara Rittner, Nancy Kropf, Bonnie Yegidis, Marty Markward, and Larry Nackerud.

Patricia G. Moseley, Ph.D. (1998). Stress reduction for family members of emergency room patients.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Nancy Kropf, Larry Nackerud, Katheryn Davis, and Ray Mills.

Rufus Larkin, Ph.D. (1998). The effect of behavioral group counseling on improving self-esteem, perceived self-control, and classroom behavior of elementary students.  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Maurice Daniels, Geraldine Jackson-White, Kevin DeWeaver, and Larry Nackerud.

Edwin A. Risler, Ph.D. (1998). A preliminary validation study of the First Offender Risk Assessment Index (FORAI).  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, David Kurtz, Larry Nackerud, David Boyle, and Katheryn Davis.

Cynthia C. Tandy, Ph.D. (1998). An evaluation of a community substance abuse treatment center: Outpatient and intensive day treatment groups.  Committee Members: Kevin DeWeaver, Tom Holland, Nancy Kropf, Larry Nackerud, and David Boyle.

Sherry M. Cummings, Ph.D. (1998). Discharge planning outcomes for hospitalized dementia patients.  Committee Members: Nancy Kropf, Kevin DeWeaver, Tom Holland, David Boyle, Geraldine Jackson-White.

Anne G. Hicks-Coolick, Ph.D. (1997). Conceptualization, testing, and refinement of a model of self-advocacy for college students with learning disabilities.  Committee Members: David Kurtz, Tom Holland, Kevin DeWeaver, Katie Thompson, Marty Markward.

Gerald W. Polk, Ph.D. (1997). Development and testing of an automated treatment planning system for clinicians in mental health.  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Kevin DeWeaver, Nancy Kropf, Ray MacNair, and Ray Mills.

Danny R. Dixon, Ph.D. (1997). Double depression in male veterans: A descriptive and comparative study in a rural department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center.  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Kevin DeWeaver, Larry Nackerud, Margaret Robinson, and Bonnie Yegidis.

Sharman D. Colosetti, Ph.D. (1997). Effect of relaxation training alone and relaxation training paired with EMDR on incarcerated, battered women.  Committee Members: Tom Holland, Nancy Kropf, Bruce Thyer, Margaret Robinson, and Lee Hyer.

Jan H. Ligon, Ph.D. (1997). Crisis psychiatric and substance abuse: Evaluation of a community program in an urban setting.  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Kevin DeWeaver, Nancy Kropf, Jim Gaudin, and Paul Ammons.

M. Elizabeth Vonk, Ph.D. (1996). Evaluating the effectiveness of short-term treatment at a university counseling center.  Committee Members: Bruce Thyer, Bonnie Yegidis, Tom Holland, Nancy Kropf, and Kevin DeWeaver.

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