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Students must meet with their advisor at least once per semester to review their program of study and to determine the appropriate schedule of classes for the next semester. Advising appointments can be set early each semester to assure you are advised prior to your scheduled registration appointment. Advisement scheduling notifications will be posted on the BSW listserv. Delaying the meeting with the advisor may cause students to wait beyond their registration appointment to be advised and thus increase the risk of certain courses being closed. Retain your old Degree Audit Sheet until you receive an updated copy.

Before you meet with an advisor:

  1. Examine your DegreeWorks audit to evaluate your progress in course and credit completion.
  2. Identify courses you consider necessary and for which you want to register.
  3. Sequentially map all the courses and requirements for your remaining semesters.
  4. Be prepared with questions or concerns to discuss with your advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor?

Ellen Pauloski and Trelle Turner are the academic advisors in the BSW Program. If you are a social work major and you have not yet been assigned a primary social work advisor in SAGE, or if you are a prospective student who is interested in changing your major to social work or transferring to UGA, please contact the BSW Advising Office at

School of Social Work, Room 127
Phone: (706) 542-5420

How can an advisor help me?

Students and advisors meet regularly to discuss programs of study and course sequencing, track course credits, outline semester courses, approve changes to courses, and facilitate student socialization into the profession of social work. BSW program faculty and advising staff encourage and expect all BSW majors to take initiative during the advising process and to be knowledgeable and up to date about UGA and BSW curricula requirements.

How do I prepare for advising?

You must meet with your advisor at least once a semester in order to be cleared to register for courses. Other meetings may be necessary as needs, concerns, issues, or questions arise. The best way to contact your advisor is by email first, then by telephone.

Will I have the same advisor all the time?

Each fall semester, students are notified who their advisor will be. At times, a different advisor may be assigned as a way to streamline the distribution of advisees to advisor.

What do I do if I think my advisor is incorrect or misinformed about something?

If you think your advisor’s information is inaccurate, ask another advisor in the department or the BSW program director.

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