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Technology Policies and Procedures

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the management of technology resources and implementing technology goals and objectives at the School of Social Work. Please review policies and procedures below to get familiar with the resources and procedures we offer. Feel free to contact ITS support at if you have any questions.

SSW Equipment and Software Acquisitions Procedures


The purpose of this document is to ensure appropriate, equitable, and cost-effective distribution of computer equipment and software at the School of Social Work (SSW) in Athens, Gwinnett or other satellite campuses; define and communicate asset management procedures for all state-owned tagged equipment which includes inventorying and tracking, repurposing, surplusing, and reporting; outline equipment checkout procedures; address software acquisitions, and establish procurement and budgeting allocation procedures for technology and software.

Technology Provisions for Offices

The School of Social Work (SSW) is committed to providing full-time faculty and staff members adequate computer equipment, peripherals, and software needed to perform duties at their primary work location. All offices at SSW locations will be equipped with a standard computer and will have standard productivity software installed. Each year, the SSW’s Instructional Technology Services (ITS) unit will assess office equipment for obsolescence and identify offices eligible for a refresh. The standard equipment and software specifications will be subject to periodic review by the SSW’s technology committee. The IT director will make the final decision on the standard equipment to purchase at each refresh cycle.

In an effort to phase out and reduce multiple assignments of computers to individuals, full-time faculty and administrators may choose a specified desktop or laptop in a Windows or Macintosh platform beginning summer 2017. If a laptop is chosen, a docking port and monitor will be included in the office, but no desktop. If a desktop is chosen for the office, no laptop will be issued except for special cases

Non-administrative positions will be issued a standard Windows desktop unless otherwise approved by the dean or a director.

Special cases that may warrant a laptop or additional computer

The nature of a faculty or staff role or position may warrant a laptop. If these duties exist during replacement cycle, a laptop should be the assignment choice. Relevant factors include:

Changes in roles or positions at SSW may warrant a desktop and laptop for a position if a) the position’s duties include research or other work-related projects which are pursuant to and/or enhance the SSW’s academic and instructional mission and b) the requested equipment or funding to acquire such equipment is available. Requests for additional equipment or devices (e.g. an additional portable or computers for specialized needs) submitted to the IT director or dean will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and may be submitted to a review and recommendation by SSW’s tech committee. Final approval is left to the dean. Additionally, laptops and or desktops should be acquired or funded from participation in sponsored research whenever possible; SSW funds will not be used to purchase laptops or desktops if the funds are available from a grant or contract source. Computer equipment funded as part of a research project is subject to the same UGA Acceptable Use Policy as all other UGA equipment (, and must be returned to ITS at the end of employment or position role.

Efforts will be made to provide part-time faculty, TAs, part-time administrators or staff, and employed students or doctoral studentswith standard equipment and software; however computers that are provided may be from the School’s repurpose inventory. If adequate equipment is not available, use of SSW’s computer lab or other equipped technology spaces is encouraged.

Technology Spaces

The School of Social Work building offers technology commons areas, work spaces, and a computer lab with productivity, statistical and other software installed. Each classroom and conference room includes technology as well.

Technology Checkout

A temporary need for technology such as a laptop or camera for University business does not justify purchasing such a device for each person. Therefore, the SSW’s ITS unit offers a limited supply of loaner equipment as a first alternative. When additional equipment is required for a short period it should be reserved or checked out by emailing

Students, faculty, and staff can check out portable technologies for instructional and research purposes. Laptops and LCD projectors are available to faculty and administrative staff only and priority for laptops is given to faculty who are teaching in classrooms without adequate equipment. Other items available for checkout include digital audio recorders, video recorders and digital cameras.

Checkout Procedures

Lost or Damaged Equipment

Video Check Out Policy and Procedures

SSW’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Unit maintains a video library of 1200+ titles relating to the social work discipline for class instruction. ITS has developed an online database to track and sort the numerous titles.

The following outlines POLICIES for the ITS Video library:

For checking out videos please email ITS Helpdsk with title information being requested

Securing Sensitive, Critical, and Restricted Data at the School of Social Work

As the value of data increases so does the need for taking extra care and precaution to increase data security, especially for sensitive data and files. Many forms of sensitive data exist, some are protected by legal requirements such as those outlined below:

The following minimum requirements are being established at the School of Social Work to enhance security of sensitive, critical, and restricted data of our students, employees, donors, and alumni. Please contact the ITS support team ( if you have questions and or need assistance.