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Phi Alpha 2016 Spring inductees     Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work, Spring 2016 induction. Photo: Claire Jordan

UGA chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work reactivates, inducts new members

Posted May 10, 2016
Reported by: Laurie Anderson,

Athens, Ga. - If you see a social work student wearing a blue and gold cord at this year’s Commencement, you will be looking at a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work. The UGA chapter of the society held an induction ceremony last month at the Miller Learning Center in Athens, the first induction in more than four years. A total of 69 students were inducted, and 45 of them are members of the Class of 2016, which graduates on Friday, May 13.

“Membership requires a record of outstanding academic performance,” assistant professor Tiffany Washington told inductees at the April ceremony, which also featured guest speakers Dean Maurice Daniels and Leon Banks, director of the BSW program.

“The reactivation of this chapter not only contributes to our national reputation as a leading school of social work,” said Washington, “but also opens opportunities for our students to access grants, awards, and scholarships offered by the international body, travel to conferences, design impactful service projects, and connect to a large alumni network upon graduation.”

Phi Alpha has over 400 chapters across the U.S. and Canada, and is an official partner of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors and the Council on Social Work Education.

Undergraduate student Lauren Siegel initiated the chapter’s revival last fall. “I saw something about Phi Alpha on a social work website and wanted to open a chapter here at UGA,” said the senior. “It's an organization that honors hard working social workers who value the goals that encompass the social work profession.”

Siegel enlisted the help of Washington to serve as advisor and, with fellow students D'Asha Barnes, Kristin Couch, Jarrett Daniels, Kalicia Fresh, Shannon Griffith and Anna Gildemeister, formed an executive board that organized a membership drive across two campuses.

“What makes our chapter unique is that we blend our leadership and membership across our BSW and MSW programs, and between our Athens and Gwinnett campuses,” Washington told inductees.  Sixteen of the 69 inductees were enrolled in the part-time MSW degree program at the UGA Gwinnett campus.

Now that the UGA chapter’s ranks have increased, Siegel said that members plan to develop a service project in the fall. For more information, visit

2016 Spring inductees are:

Adetoun Adeyemo
Tenesha Shelly-Ann Adkins
D'Asha Barnes
Stephanie Page Beitlich
Heather R. Bousquet
Hannah Elizabeth Boyd
Lucia Caltabiano
Alysabeth M. Carter
Madeline Logan Cash
Ratasha Jeneen Collier
Millicent "Millie" Collins
Kristin Couch
Margie Strauss Cranman
Miesha Daniel
Jarrett Daniels
Anthony Davis
Crystal Nicole Deas
Mary E. Dulong
Carly Farrell
Stephanie Feely
Simone Marie Fortin
Lisa Foster
Kalicia "Kay" Fresh
Kathleen Brianna Garretson
Amber Gilbert
Anna Gildemeister
Tammy Grier
Shannon Griffiths
Nicholas S. Hartley
Taylor Henry
Sydney Marie Houston
Bailey Hurst
Ashley N. Jackson
Alyssa Johnson
Stephanie Byrnes Johnston
Corina Jones
D'Anna Marie Kester
Heather Kwan
Kelsey Grae Layman
Jennifer N. Lee
Joanna Leger
Yanna Lewis
Samantha Mattern
Kelsey McDonald
Brenda B. Messer
Nneka Tiombe Narcisse
Stephen Rock Nelson
Gabrielle H. Parker
Taylor Patskanick
London Perry
Ryan Pinson
Courtney Leigh Prather
Mellissa Pinnell Pricher
Melanie Kim Proctor
Emily Frances Rider
Carolyn Bailey Robinson
Mary Grace Sexton
Elizabeth Shortland
Lauren Siegel
Grace Stevenson
Margie Jon Strauss
Shawndaya Thrasher
Molly D. Tucker
Deanna Marie Vasquez
Steffany Lynn Weathers
Taylor Weaver
Camille Jenise Whitehead
Amanda Raven Willoughby
Lucretia M. Wilson
Christine A. Wright