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UGA's Carney creates virtual community to aid decision making in local counties

Michelle Mohr Carney, professor and director of the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations, was awarded UGA's Public Service and Outreach Fellowship this semester. Through the fellowship, Carney is developing a model for local counties to map their assets on top of census data, creating a virtual community for county leaders to use to make decisions and identify resources and services for citizens in their communities.


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Welcome to the University of Georgia's Institute for Nonprofit Organizations Offering the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Organizations (MNPO).

The Institute for Nonprofit Organizations provides an interdisciplinary group of graduate teaching, research, and service programs at UGA that focus upon improving the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.

The Institute offers an array of opportunities for students, professionals, and scholars of nonprofit organizations as well as those seeking careers in them. It prepares students with knowledge and skills necessary for management and leadership roles in nonprofit organizations, and it develops and disseminates knowledge to strengthen the effectiveness of those already in leadership positions.

The creation of this Institute was in response to current trends in the U.S. economy and in public policy that underscore the need for more effective leaders, managers, and professional staff throughout the nonprofit sector. Labor force statistics project dramatic increases in employment in this sector. Emerging changes in public policy suggest that demands on nonprofit organizations will increase sharply and that well-prepared leaders will be essential for the survival and health of these organizations.

The Institute seeks to prepare leaders who will strengthen the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations throughout Georgia and the nation. Its faculty develop knowledge through research, disseminate it through teaching, and provide services to the State through continuing education, consultation, and technical assistance. The Institute provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to effective performance of nonprofit organizations, and it provides opportunities to disseminate and apply this learning directly with organizations in the region.