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Certificate in Nonprofit Management
and Leadership

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The Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership may be awarded to UGA graduate students and undergraduate honors students in majors other than the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (MA NML ). The program consists of a minimum of 4 courses of 3 semester hours each, drawn from the core courses of the master's degree curriculum of the Institute. This program provides important training to anyone, regardless of major, who plans to work in nonprofit organizations.

1.   Two courses are required:*

2.   Two courses may be chosen from the following list of MA NML core courses:

MA NML 7010        Nonprofit Leadership
MA NML 7010        Professional Writing for Nonprofit Leaders
MA NML 7010        Social Entrepreneurship
MA NML 7010        Consulting

* MSW CEPD concentration students use SOWK 7123, SOWK 7106, and SOWK 7153 as required courses.  One additional core course is needed to complete the certificate. SOWK 7153 is not an approved core course for students in other disciplines.

** SOWK 7206, ALDR 7020, ALDR 7070, and HPRB 7470 may be substituted with director’s approval.

In some cases, one of the courses toward the Certificate may come from a different field if the relationship to the nonprofit sector, issues, or management is clear.  The student must discuss this option with the program office before taking the course.



  1. Students must be pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Georgia or be in the third or fourth year of the UGA Honor’s program to apply for the certificate program.
  2. Students must submit a LETTER OF INTENT TO PURSUE THE CERTIFICATE to the program office before you may enter the certificate program.  Letters should include your purpose in pursuing the certificate and its relevance to your program of study.  Please submit your letter by email addressed to Dr. Tony Mallon to the following email address, Once we have received your email, you will be added to the certificate program and the NP Certificate Listserv.  Advisement for the certificate may be made by appointment, phone or email.  Contact Kat Farlowe with any questions at the above email address or call 706-542-5461.
  3. Third and fourth year Honor’s students must submit a Graduate Course Application form before the end of drop/add.  Each nonprofit course requires a separate application.  This form is available at the Honors program front desk.  The completed form must be filled out and taken to the nonprofit program office for the required signatures then returned to the Honors program.  Once the form is completed, our department will give you permission to enroll in graduate level courses.



Requests for the certificate can only be made after all the course requirements have been met and the grades for the courses have been posted.

To receive the certificate you must do the following:

  2. Apply to Graduate with the Certificate in Athena.
  3. Submit the form by email to, FAX: 406-354-3917 or mail to::

Ms. Kat Farlowe
University of Georgia School of Social Work
MA MNML Program Office
279 Williams Street, Rm. 133
Athens, GA   30602

For more information, visit our website, You may also contact the Program Director, Dr. Tony Mallon,, 706-542-5467 or contact Kat Farlowe, Assistant Graduate Coordinator, , or 706-542-5461.