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Criminal Justice & Violence

Social workers are well aware of the multiple challenges and flaws in the current criminal justice system, as well as the need for better services for both victims and perpetrators of violence. Proven interventions are available to break the cycle of violence and incarceration, but problems persist.

Whether the individuals cannot afford legal advice, were recently incarcerated, experience racial discrimination, or are not able to get the help and information they need, those who most need service have difficulty in connecting with appropriate help. Inequities and disparities in the availability of other resources also play a strong role in the ability of individuals to live in safe communities where everyone can expect fair and just treatment.

The titles below link to summaries of research findings on issues related to crime, violence, and the criminal justice system, with brief take-aways relevant to social work practice.


  1. Violent death among recently released prison inmates: Stories behind the numbers.
  2. Meeting the civil legal needs of low-income Marylanders: An evaluation of a Judicare pilot
  3. Korean American clergy practices regarding intimate partner violence: Roadblock or support for battered women?