BSW Club

The BSW Club is a student-run undergraduate club that focuses on issues of importance to BSW students in the UGA School of Social Work. The club sponsors activities, maintains an online presence, has meetings, and manages a small budget made possible through the School of Social Work.

MSW Student-Faculty Committee (SFC)

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • promote a better understanding and communication between students, faculty, and administration
  • promote and stimulate creative thinking and free expression of ideas
  • serve as a liason between the student body, the faculty and the dean
  • provide open forums and other opportunities for open discussion and interaction between students and faculty
  • hear and respond to appropriate student concerns
  • ensure the integration of new students into the MSW program and provide a sense of continuity for all students.

If you have any suggestions, comments or issues, please contact the committee at the email address or the feedback form.

Students for Global Social Work

Students for Global Social Work is a group for:

  • students who are interested in international models of social work
  • international social work students who can share their knowledge and experiences of social work around the world
  • all students who are interested in culture, travel, and global politics

Students for Global Social Work (SGSW) strives to educate, inspire and motivate others to become involved in global affairs locally and around the world. The group is dedicated to exploring a wide variety of cultures while having fun. We host lectures, movies, dinners, field trips, and participate in the SSW celebration of International Social Work Day in March.

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