Philip Hong headshotWelcome to the University of Georgia School of Social Work (UGA SSW). We are the home for developing and disseminating social work knowledge and practice for far-reaching, inclusive, effective, meaningful, sustainable, and innovative solutions to the most complex social problems and issues of our current times. We invite you to come join our community of social justice scholars and practitioners—our amazing faculty, staff and students—to help build a better world for all people of many differences and intersectional vulnerabilities. Our strength of being at a Top 20, public, land-grant research university is in sharing UGA’s mission—“to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things” reflecting the University’s integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state’s and nation’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage.

UGA SSW’s primary focus on social justice and diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership, research, and teaching serve as the organizing principles for all aspects of our programs to train social workers for the 21st Century. Our mission is to prepare “culturally responsive practitioners and scholars to be leaders in addressing social problems and promoting social justice, locally and globally, through teaching, research, and service.” And our work is guided by the NASW Code of Ethics to advance knowledge, skills, and values of future social workers. We are looking for all of you who share this passion.

Here at the School of Social Work we integrate a social justice focus with rigorous academic research and instruction in the best evidence-based micro, mezzo, and macro practices. Our school is dedicated to preparing mission-centered practitioners and scholars who are equipped with the tools to make positive change happen. Our faculty are committed to doing this in partnership with our communities, and are dedicated to community-engaged research and service. Our staff are excited about supporting everyone who is part of this journey with us and all processes needed to advance our mission.

Our students are ready to combine learning and practice within our nurturing and resourcefully rigorous education and training environment. Students will find a variety of opportunities here, including scholarships and assistantships, international internships and study abroad options, as well as opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research with faculty and to develop independent projects that are centered in our social justice and human rights focus. If you are looking for a school that combines a compassionate caring community with an emphasis on excellence in teaching, dynamic research, and commitment to community engagement, UGA SSW is the place for your next chapter.

Again, we invite all of your interest, participation, support, and investment. Please come join us and see all that we have to offer as we continue to build and share our culture of inclusive excellence through our research, teaching, and service to the local and global communities. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts about opportunities that may be a good fit with our mission. Thank you!

Philip Hong, Ph.D.
(706) 542-5424

Join our commitment to well-being and social justice.

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