When are applications typically open for?
  • Scholarships: September 1 to October 1 of every year
  • Graduate Assistantships: September 1 to January 22 of every year
When do award decisions come out?
  • Scholarship award notices come out by the end of November.
  • Graduate Assistantship award notices come out by the end of March.
When do faculty assignments come out for Graduate Assistantships?
  • Faculty assignment information will be sent out by July 15 each year.
Can second-year students apply for and receive an assistantship?
  • Yes, but the first-year students will be prioritized because second-year students can apply for Behavioral Health Internship Program and other scholarships.
Are Graduate Assistantships and SSW Scholarships taxed?
  • The taxes are not taken out when you receive Graduate Assistantships and SSW Scholarships, but you need to report them to IRS when you file for your income tax.

If you need help with or have questions about the application process or answering application questions, please contact Ms. Jameelah Jones, at jameelah@uga.edu.

If you have technical difficulties with your application, did not get a confirmation email when submitting your application, have supplemental documentation, etc., please email our IT Helpdesk at sswhelp@uga.edu.

If you’d like to find out when the tuition waiver will be reflected in your Athena account or have questions related to the monthly stipend, please contact Christina Autry (clautry@uga.edu) or Rachel Ashton (rashton@uga.edu) in our business office.

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