Archive for 2022

Graphic sharing event info on short documentaries about human trafficking and child labor in Sierra Leone
UGA SSW holiday card image
Graphic with headshot of Orion Mowbray
Lateefah Key in Cuba.
Student spotlight graphic with Caroline Sharkey's headshot
Social Justice Wanted publication cover 2022
Graphic of headhsots from those attending APM Conference
Keynote speaker and dean of the School of Social Work Philip Hong speaks at the podium. (Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski/UGA)
Student spotlight graphic featuring Andrea Garcia headshot
Graphic with details of film screening.
Orion Mowbray headshot
Graphic with professors and information about $2.2M Grant awarded to CenHTRO
Yarvis Jeffrey headshot
40 for 40 headshot of Maria Augutis
Image of Elyssa Schroeder leaning on sign
Philip Hong portal headshot
Dr. Joon Choi and Dr. Anthony Mallon lectured to students in the Social Welfare Department at Sung Kyun Kwan University
2021-2022 SSW Awards Booklet cover image
Rebecca Matthew headshot
Tony Mallon headshot
Joon Choi, center, and Ji Eun Han, right, recruit Korean American faith leaders in Chicago for a new program that helps pastors become empathetic advocates for domestic violence survivors. (Courtesy Joon Choi)
Promotional graphic for annual Donald L. Hollowell Lecture with Shalini Kantayya producer and director of “Coded Bias: Afrofuturism, Social Justice and Al.”
2022 Bulldog 100 logo/graphic
The Arch with early morning sunlight filtering through the trees.

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