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Dr. Cornelius Inducted as a Fellow of the AASWSW
Photo of Members from the UGA School of Social Work and East Athens Development Corporation (EADC)
Associate Professor Tony Lowe
Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius with Dean Hong and University of Chicago Vice Provost Johnson at AASWSW on January 13, 2024
SSWR Presentations program cover
Graphic with details of film screening.
Dr. Joon Choi and Dr. Anthony Mallon lectured to students in the Social Welfare Department at Sung Kyun Kwan University
Man holding a child's hand
Person standing in front of spraypainted wall
Graduate student organizers of the Athens Social Justice Symposium, left to right: Molly Petner, Johanna Weller-Fahy, Daniel McCrary, Kellye Call and Ada Allair.
Students from the UGA School of Social Work at the 2019 Athens Social Justice Symposium. Photo: Alonte Lee, University of Georgia
The Arch with early morning sunlight filtering through the trees.
Presenter pointing to a screen

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