Yingying Zeng

Assistant Professor

Yingying Zeng
Yingying Zeng

Assistant Professor




279 Williams Street
Room: 346
Athens, GA 30677

Dr. Yingying Zeng’s research explores the intersections of economic inequalities, health disparities, and the challenges faced by minoritized groups, with a particular interest in the social and economic integration of immigrants. Her work delves into the structural barriers that inhibit equitable access to resources and opportunities for these populations, such as disparities in financial and healthcare access. This exploration is crucial in understanding how systemic inequalities impact the overall wellbeing of minoritized communities.

Central to her research is employing economic enhancement interventions to improve health outcomes. Dr. Zeng investigates the potential of such interventions to mitigate the effects of economic disparities by providing the necessary support that can lead to better health and increased economic mobility among immigrant and minoritized populations. She examines how enhancing economic opportunities correlates with improved health by reducing stress and enabling better healthcare access. Through her studies, Dr. Zeng seeks to contribute to developing inclusive health policies and social programs that address these disparities. She collaborates with a broad range of stakeholders, including policymakers, community organizations, and healthcare providers, to ensure that her research findings lead to actionable strategies to reduce inequalities and improve health outcomes.

Her current research includes a new research agenda that focuses on the poverty and socioeconomic mobility of immigrants and refugees in the Southern and rural context of the United States. This research aims to dissect and address rural newcomers’ challenges in accessing financial aid resources and the efficacy of community outreach in aiding their journey toward economic security and upward mobility. Dr. Zeng’s recent training at UGA’s 2024 Rural Engagement Workshop for Academic Faculty alongside the seed grant opportunity supports this work, providing her with a strong foundation for conducting preliminary research and forging essential community partnerships to understand immigrants’ experiences in rural America.

Curriculum Vitae >

  • Ph.D., Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis
  • MSP, Washington University in St. Louis
  • MSW, Fudan University, China
  • B.A., Zhejiang Gongshang University, China
Research Interests
  • Wealth disparity
  • Financial capability
  • Immigration
  • Social policy

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