Our mission is to improve the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.

To achieve this, the Institute administers a master’s degree, seminars and workshops for the nonprofit community, supports research opportunities and a graduate certificate program that is open to students in any major as well as to students not enrolled in any other UGA degree and can be earned on campus or online. More than 500 graduates of the certificate and master’s programs have gone on to successful careers in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

The Institute was created in response to trends in the U.S. economy and public policy that underscored the need for more effective leaders, managers and professional staff throughout the nonprofit sector. Labor force statistics project dramatic increases in employment in this sector. Well-prepared leaders will be essential for the survival and health of nonprofit organizations.

For more information, contact Institute Director Tony Mallon, PhD, at (706) 542-5467 or ajmallon@uga.edu. For more information about the degree and certificate programs, visit the MA NML program webpage.

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Institute Fellows provide interdisciplinary expertise in a wide variety of areas relevant to nonprofit organizations. Visit their web pages for more information. To become a Fellow, contact Institute Director Tony Mallon at ajmallon@uga.edu.

  • Harold Briggs, School of Social Work
  • Mary Ager, School of Social Work
  • Joon Choi, School of Social Work
  • Jennifer Elkins, School of Social Work
  • Rebecca Matthew, School of Social Work
  • Paul H. Matthews, Office of Service-Learning
  • Jane McPherson, School of Social Work
  • David Meyers, Fanning Institute
  • Jake Mosley, Terry College of Business
  • David Okech, School of Social Work
  • Rebecca Nesbit, School of Public & International Affairs
  • Josh Podvin, Office of Service-Learning

Director Anthony Mallon, Ph.D., focuses on designing and evaluating programs aimed at addressing poverty and unemployment.  He is currently conducting an evaluation of an apprenticeship program serving young adults who have aged out of foster care and recently completed work, in collaboration with colleagues from the UGA Office of Service Learning, that provided guidance on a multi-site evaluation of the Campus Kitchen Program. Dr. Mallon also provides technical assistance to nonprofit organizations to help them build their own internal capacity to design and evaluate effective programs for their respective communities.

Kristina Jaskyte Bahr, Ph.D., explores major factors associated with nonprofit organizations’ capacities for innovation and employee creativity, primarily through national and cross-cultural studies as well as studies of the boards of directors and foundations’ roles in encouraging or inhibiting new paradigms. She is a recipient of the American Society of Association Excutives (ASAE) Foundation’s inaugural grant award to explor the role of the board of directors in facilitating innovation in associations.

Kihwan Kim, Assistant Chief Officer with the Seoul Probation & Parole Office, Ministry of Justice in South Korea, recently spent two years with the Institute exploring policies and practices of various public and nonprofit agencies involved in the prevention of family violence, including child abuse and neglect.

The Institute is a member of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action with faculty members presenting regularly at the annual ARNOVA conference.

Provide support to the Institute through workshops, continuing education programs for the community, guest lecturers and scholarships to enhance the educational experiences of future nonprofit leaders. For more information about giving opportunities, contact Megan A. Powell at (706) 542-5466 or megafon@uga.edu.

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