Exploring the Social Issues in North Ireland

UGA Studyaway in North IrelandStudents in this Maymester program travel to Northern Ireland to get firsthand exposure to the transgenerational impact of the violence from the four-decade-long conflict in Northern Ireland known as “The Troubles.” Economic injustice, oppression, and discrimination are among the hallmarks of the divide between the Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland.

Visits include Belfast, Ballycastle, Londonderry/Derry, and parts in between in Northern Ireland. Students will spend time learning about the culture and history of Northern Ireland and visit community organizations that have been part of the country’s recovery process. They will have the opportunity to visit a retreat center called Corrymeela, “Hill of Harmony,” that has served as a safe haven for the people of Northern Ireland since the late 1960s and throughout the many-sided conflict known as The Troubles. Students will enjoy recreational outings to the scenic Antrim Coast, including the Giant’s Causeway, Swinging Bridge, Rathlin Island, and other notable locations in Northern Ireland.

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Course Offerings: May 2024

SOWK 5776/7776 – Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping, and Reconciliation

Provides undergraduate and graduate students with an intensive study abroad experience to learn about the effects of years of political and religious conflict in Northern Ireland (known as “The Troubles”) on individuals, families, groups, and organizations. Students also learn the long-term social and psychological impacts of conflict, including PTSD. (3 hrs. credit)

SOWK 5910/7910 – Conflicts and Long-Term Trauma in Northern Ireland

Advanced readings for independent research into the conflicts and long-term trauma in Northern Ireland under the direction of a faculty member. (3 hrs. credit)

Program Itinerary

2024 Initial Travel Program Itinerary

Daily plans are subject to change as final itinerary will be determined in consultation with in-country facilitators.

*Please note: participants are required to walk 5-7 miles per day.*

  • 5-13-24 Arrive Belfast: Program Begins 2 pm . Visit Crumlin Gao and go on a Black Taxi Tour
  • 5-14-24 Belfast: Lectures and visits to political sites
  • 5-15-24 Belfast: Lectures and visits to political sites
  • 5-16-24 Visits to social welfare agencies; Depart to Corrymeela Centre in Ballycastle
  • 5-17-24 Ballycastle: Lectures – conflict model & historical background; recreational outings on northern coast
  • 5-18-24 Ballycastle: Lecture – trauma and grief
  • 5-19-24 Ballycastle: Lecture- gender & peacebuilding; national wildlife excursion; Depart to Londonderry/Derry
  • 5-20-24 Derry: Lecture and evaluation session
  • 5-21-24 Derry: Lectures and visits to political sites
  • 5-22-24 Derry: Lectures and visits to political sites; evaluation meeting
  • 5-23-24 Program ends (breakfast provided); Students and faculty depart
Program Costs

Program Deposit: $300 due upon admission
Program fee: TBD

Application Deadline

December 22nd, 2023**

**Rolling admission. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term’s application deadline.


Rachel A. Fusco
Professor and Program Coordinator
School of Social Work
Email: rachel.fusco@uga.edu

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