Our commitment to finding answers to society’s toughest questions doesn’t stop at our nation’s borders.

We generate new knowledge wherever we find vulnerable and at-risk populations. Many of the issues that concern us — human rights, poverty, mental illness, health disparities, oppression, and injustice, to name a few–are better informed by an international perspective.

Faculty and doctoral students pursue projects—as well as with refugee and immigrant populations in the U.S. The Center on Human Trafficking Research & Outreach (CenHTRO) is a global, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary research hub based in the University of Georgia School of Social Work and led by Dr. David Okech. CenHTRO conducts research, develops programming, and influences policies that drastically and measurably reduce human trafficking and other forms of exploitation worldwide.

See a compendium of recent faculty and doctoral student research activity in our annual publication,  Research Review. Check out our faculty research interests and learn about our doctoral students’ research, too.

To learn more about current international initiatives and research projects, contact Jane McPherson, director of Global Engagement, at jmcpherson@uga.edu.

Join our commitment to well-being and social justice.

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