Student Spotlight: Krishma Gajurel

Krishma Gajure headshot

Krishma Gajurel admits the trip from Kathmandu, Nepal to Athens, Georgia, took some adjusting.

The community’s climate, cuisines and smaller size were all new to Gajurel. But, over time, after studying and now working as a graduate research assistant while she earns her master’s degree in social work at the University of Georgia School of Social Work, it’s come to feel like a natural fit for her.

Gajurel has been a part of several research projects during her time at the SSW. She recently completed a comprehensive search on the extant scholarship of debt and mental health in collaboration with Anna Scheyett’s work on farmer suicides. She began researching another topic – predatory lending and debt – in August 2021, focusing on credit card usage among U.S. households that receive social assistance.

“It’s been a rewarding experience to be able to contribute to this important research and to work alongside Mary Ager to help shed light on important issues related to consumer finance and social welfare,” Gajurel said.

Gajurel conducts literature reviews and develops systematic reviews, in addition to preparing reports and manuscripts related to social welfare policy and social assistance programs in the U.S. Her research complements her efforts outside of the classroom. She co-founded Digo Nepal in 2018, an non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing positive educational, health and empowerment to the lives of women and children in Nepal.

One Digo Nepal project in particular helped educate women on how to create homemade, reusable sanitary pads in a country where the topic of menstruation is often taboo in rural areas.

“Starting and leading Digo Nepal has been a profound and fulfilling experience,” she said. “I take great pride in our work, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to mentor and inspire the next generation of change-makers.”

“Our efforts are driven by a deep sense of responsibility toward our society, and we are committed to making a positive impact in whatever way we can. Digo Nepal represents hope and the possibility for a brighter future in Nepal, where women and children can access education, healthcare and support to empower themselves and their communities.”

Outside of the classroom, Gajurel enjoys spending time hiking and camping outdoors. She’s an avid painter, a hobby that allows her to unwind and enter her own little world. But back outside of it, she’s thankful for the community and support of fellow students and faculty.

“All in all, I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the MSW program at UGA and to have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside such amazing people,” she said.

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