What do social workers do?

Social workers protect the vulnerable, connect people to resources, provide counseling, research best practices for care and public policy, challenge discrimination and give a voice to the voiceless. They can be found in hospitals, juvenile corrections, social services for the elderly, mental health and substance abuse programs, disability services and child protective services, to name a few. In short, just about any place where people face challenges, you can find a social worker promoting well-being. If you want to make positive change in the world, we can prepare you for success.

Why earn a BSW degree at UGA?

A bachelor’s degree in social work earned at UGA gives you the knowledge, skills and critical perspective that enables you to start creating effective, sustainable change for those who need it most.

Our BSW program not only prepares you to begin addressing human needs in social service settings, but to analyze and address policies that underlie pervasive problems. Thanks to an innovative curriculum, you will not only acquire knowledge in the classroom, but hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of power, oppression, social justice, evidence-informed practice, advocacy and diversity.

Join our commitment to well-being and social justice.

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