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Year One




SOWK 7218 [4 credits] Addressing the Bases of Power, Oppression, Social Justice, Evidence-Informed Practice, Advocacy, and Diversity for Advanced Standing Students

SOWK 7212 [3 credits] Assessment and Psychopathology

SOWK 7225 [5 credits] Advanced Social Field Work Education

Elective [3 credits]

SOWK 7214 [3 credits] Advanced Social Work Practice with Individuals

SOWK 7226 [3 credits] Evaluation of Professional Practice

Elective [3 credits]

SOWK 7225 [5 credits] Advanced Social Field Work Education

SOWK 7133 [3 credits] Community Organizing and Social Action OR SOWK 7237 [3 credits] Theory of Management and Nonprofit Organizations

SOWK 7211 [3 credits] Advanced Policy Practice and Analysis OR SOWK 7236 [3 credits] Community Engagement and Assessment

Elective [3 credits]

Capstone [2 credits]

Total Semester Credits: 10

Total Semester Credits: 14

Total Semester Credits: 16

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