Advances over the past 50 years have led to substantial increases in life expectancy and an ever-growing population of older adults with diverse needs and interests. Many U.S. states predict dramatic workforce shortages in industries that provide services to our aging population. The demand for professionals with expertise in aging is growing rapidly around the globe, as is the number of career paths that involve working with older adults (e.g., healthcare, administration, finance, housing, and consulting).

In as little as two semesters, you can earn your Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and help improve the aging experience of older adults. The certificate, offered through UGA’s College of Public Health, provides you with the formal training necessary to expand your existing professional skillset and amplify your career opportunities. All courses take an interdisciplinary approach and provide the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain to real-world scenarios. Courses are offered fully online in an asynchronous format and are structured to fit into the busy schedules of graduate students and working professionals.

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is offered through the College of Public Health’s Institute of Gerontology and is available to:

  • Graduate students already enrolled in a degree program at UGA;
  • Certificate seeking students who hold a Bachelor’s or advanced degree.


The Certificate is a fully online program starting Fall 2020. Visit for details. For any questions, please contact Kerstin Emerson (

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