During BSW practicum education experiences students learn how to practice generalist social work under the direct supervision of a practicum instructor at a School approved practicum agency. This “hands on” internship, which is a course, allows students to experience, integrate and practice classroom learning with actual clients, community organizations, and agency programs. Thus, students have multiple opportunities to achieve learning goals as set forth in the BSW practicum Education syllabi.

Students intern at the same practicum agency for both fall and spring semesters on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for a minimum of 280 clock hours per semester. Concurrent with the practicum agency internship, students participate weekly in a practicum integrative practicum. The seminar instructor, who is also the faculty practicum liaison to the agency and practicum instructor, monitors student progress in the internship through two on-site evaluations per semester with the student and the agency practicum instructor.

Eligibility to enter BSW Practicum Education is determined by acceptance into the BSW Professional Program. Students must make a separate application for placement at a School approved agency. The BSW Practicum Education Coordinator places students in agencies. That process, along with other information, is outlined during a practicum education orientation in early spring semester. Additionally, students participate in a practicum education preparation workshop held a few days prior to the start of fall semester.

Practicum education experiences offer supportive and demanding opportunities to develop a social work identity and to forge the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to practice generalist social work.

For further information visit the general practicum education page, or contact Evonne Jones, BSW Practicum Education Coordinator von@uga.edu.

BSW Practicum Manual
Preparation Workshop
Field Education Application

**This form is intended for students who have completed the BSW field education orientation during the spring semester.

  1. Login to the Field Application website: field.ssw.uga.edu
  2. Fill out your personal profile information.
  3. Fill out your application. You may click “Save Changes” and edit your application later.
  4. When you have completed your application, click “Submit.” Be careful; once your application has been submitted you can no longer edit it.
Issues & Support

Field Education and interning are first time experiences for all BSW seniors. Thus students do not know what to expect during field education or how best to navigate or address. The FAQs provided in the BSW Field Manual are designed to provide students with some navigational tools as they grow and develop their professional selves in field education.

Please review the information in the BSW Manual under Field Issues, Concerns and Resources: Student FAQs and Field Instructor’s Replies, and contact Dr. Zoe Johnson at zoe@uga.edu if you have questions or specific suggestions for additions.

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