Values & Ethics

Our values and ethics are adapted from the Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Nonprofit and Philanthopic Organizations developed by

  • Commitment to the public good;
  • Accountability to the public;
  • Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals;
  • Inclusiveness and social justice;
  • Respect for pluralism and diversity
  • Transparency, integrity and honesty;
  • Workplace innovation;
  • Empowering organizations for continuous improvement on micro and macro levels;
  • Responsible stewardship of resources; and
  • Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.


The mission of the Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management and Leadership (MA NML) Program at the University of Georgia is to prepare and train leaders who will strengthen the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations throughout Georgia, the Southeast, the U.S. and globally. The program prepares students with the knowledge, skills and direct experience necessary for careers as managers and leaders in nonprofit organizations.

This mission is consistent with that of the University of Georgia, the state’s oldest and most comprehensive institution of higher education. Its motto, “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects the University’s integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state’s and nation’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage. In addition, the MA NML program mission is consistent with the UGA School of Social Work’s mission to provide local, state, national, and international leadership to promote social and economic justice, to alleviate oppressive social conditions and problems, and to enhance human well-being.


Specifically the program’s goals are to provide

  1. To provide essential background knowledge of the scope, dynamics and distinctiveness of the nonprofit sector through core courses, electives for specialization, and opportunities for supervised research projects.
  2. To support student development of key skills in the management and leadership of nonprofit organizations, such as working effectively with staff and volunteers, fundraising, program evaluation, grant proposal writing and ethical judgment.
  3. To facilitate the actual practice and application onsite with local, state, national and global nonprofit organizations through internships.
  4. To demonstrate student mastery of content and skills through a variety of core courses and internships culminating in a final colloquium integrating these experiences.

Join our commitment to well-being and social justice.

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