Graduate Assistantship Funding

Students admitted as prospective candidates in full time study are offered four years of graduate assistantship funding. Students receiving funding will be awarded the Dean’s Research Assistantship Award in the first and second year of the PhD program, and in the third and fourth year, a teaching assistantship. In subsequent years of study, students may apply for various teaching, graduate, and/or research assistantships, either in the SSW, another department at UGA, or through extramural funding, on a semester-by-semester basis. Funding is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress, work performance, approval of the department, and continued funding by the State of Georgia.

The Dean’s Research Assistantship Award requires a 16 hour per week work commitment to the SSW with an assigned faculty member on a research project. It provides a stipend over two semesters (approx. $20,000), plus a tuition reduction to $25. There is no summer semester funding, however students who were on assistantship funding during the fall and spring semesters are eligible for the reduced tuition rate of $25. Students are required to pay UGA mandated students fees each semester, which are $1,135 for Fall 2018, and will cover the services of the University Health Center and Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities, as well as transportation, athletic, technology, and activity fees.

Students selecting the extended-time option are not eligible to receive SSW research assistantships or Graduate School assistantships. The required number of enrolled semester hours for an assistantship is 12 hours each fall and spring semester and 9 hours during the summer semester.

Funding from the UGA Graduate School

For information about financial assistance managed through the UGA Graduate School, visit their website. Early application is encouraged for nominations for funding from the UGA Graduate School.

Extramural Funding

There are numerous opportunities for social work Ph.D. students to receive fellowships, scholarships, and grants from extramural sources. Here are a few links for more information.

For more information concerning UGA’s tuition and fee schedule, please visit the Bursar’s Office. Select the semester and location, then select Graduates for the program.

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